Thursday, June 24, 2010

I interrupt my eyeshadow thoughts to wonder about these summer booties

at Nordstrom.

They come in black

which I was totally going for!

But then I clicked on the gray ones.

Which somehow seem so much more summery.

Now, keep in mind that I don't really wear dress shoes all that frequently. Especially in summer, where I shout "hallelujah," pack away the high-heeled shoes and mostly dress like I've been crewing on a friend's yacht for a week. Plus let's not forget that I'm a size 14 and tend to dress conservatively. Talbots-y, even.

In other words, I don't usually rock high-cut sandal/boot hybrids with four-inch heels.

So which ones should I get--gray or black?


  1. Absolutely get both!! Don't be silly, you know you will wear both.

  2. Which matches the back, unused portion of your closet better?

  3. What, they don't come in red?

  4. Grey. With that tone, you can wear them with black based outfits or brown based outfits. The black boots are less 'flexible'.

  5. D - none of the above.

    I just cannot warm up to the shoe/boot masquerading as a sandal. I think they are ugly and not flattering to even the trimmest ankle and calf.

  6. Greige.

    They will make your legs look a mile long.

    Especially if you pair them with a fitted top and full skirt.

    Now. . .where to wear them??

  7. I love the grey! I think you'll be able to wear them with more!!

  8. Oh good lord, I hate those shoes. It's like a jackalope for your feet, only far less funny.

  9. Love those shoes. LOVE THEM. But you have to have THIN ankles to wear them. Sigh. I'd get the gray because you can see the detail better, but if I could afford them, I'd do both. Because I love them.

  10. Greige!!! No. doubt. And I love them.

  11. I'm with Violet and majorbedhead on not liking the shbootie style at all, but if you have to, the gray ones.

  12. I would buy the black in a heart beat. They're sleek, classy, and would match almost everything. So versatile and gorgeous.


    You're right. The other ones are much more Spring-y/Summer-y. And you can't wear the black ones year-round anyway because they're open-toed. You've gotta go with the light-colored ones.

  13. God. Those cream booties are GORGEOUS! Get 'em!

  14. God. Those cream booties are GORGEOUS. Get 'em!!!


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