Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is hope! A picture post.

Seen on the street, and on the runway--styles that work for grown-ups.

Are you ready for some longer hemlines? OK, then.

Shirt dresses, Ray-Bans, long, loose hair (very Italian) closed-toe, non-platform pumps ... no kitten heels:

OK, maybe the anklets are a bit much. Love the coat, though. And the Cuban--not kitten--heels.

At Michael Kors. Lovely all white turtleneck and trousers. But please wear a bra.

This Fendi dress looks a little J. Jill to me ... but notice the length, the blouson cut, and the dolman sleeves. Very figure-friendly, for the right kind of figure. (Not an hourglass, alas. It would make you look shapeless. And forget it if you have a lot on your balcony; Dolman sleeves and blousons are the worst cut you can wear.)

I saved dessert for last. At Dolce & Gabanna. The perfect black suit.

All images taken from The Sartorialist. (You are reading it regularly, aren't you?)


  1. Hooray for clothes for grown ups!

    I used to read the Sartorialist, but I ditched it after spending months looking at pictures of what he considered pretty, fashionable people and not one NOT ONE person had curly hair. [Yes. I have curly hair.]

  2. Michael Kors! Sandals AND SOCKS!

  3. I am so relieved to see dresses in lengths long enough to wear to work! It has been too long( no pun intended;-)

  4. Sadly, though I have lost weight in the last year, my balcony has not gotten the memo, and I've actually gone UP a cup size. Yeesh.

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