Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why didn't I think of that?

Usually I don't pay a lot of attention to the emails I get from Hermès. They have a tendency to make me feel like a have-not.

But this is brilliant. I could put an orange tube over my head and go out as a Twilly box!

Or use real Twilly boxes instead of going to the trouble of buying and carving pumpkins.

Oh, whom am I kidding, anyway? My job isn't to wear a costume--it's to play Maid of Honor for my daughter as she gets ready for four different Halloween events. And I'm so glad I never got rid of my circa 1992 black lace up ankle boots, because she'll be wearing them.


  1. 1. I bow down before you! Emails from Hermés!

    2. Pictures of Popette.

  2. Who emails me?
    NOT Hermés, that's who.

  3. I don't get e-mails from Hermes, but I DO get quite a few from a Nigerian widow who is trying to get access to her husband's millions, poor thing.

    Are 1993 lace up boots out of style? Oh.

  4. I can disappear for months on end. But I don't expect it of you... Some zillion blog years ago you declared you were my Great, great, great (and more great) bloggy grandmother. I took it to heart. And now I am missing your ancient bloggy voice.

  5. I wasn't sure if blogspot was broken since it did not show any updates from your blog on my blog-site. but the heck, no, there ARE no updates. How comes? You visited a blog-conference earlier this year and now ...? is there another blog your are keeping up to date? If so, please let us know.

  6. Hello from an Aussie fan who misses you terribly.

    Please come back!!

    E x

  7. Not sure was a Twilly box is..but I do know wish I get e-mails from Hermes. lol.


  8. Is really disappointed because I recently found this blog and immediately fell in LOVe with this blog and NOW you haven't posed in almost 2 months. And after having checked out her other blogs, this all of a sudden, I'm not posting anymore is not uncommon for her. I'll no longer be following any of your blogs and am disappointed that you left so abruptly. Wishing you the best


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