Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poppy's Top 10 of 2010: Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage

For several years, in an attempt to keep my readers stopping by while they were on Christmas break, I did something I called The 12 Days of Blogmas, which, if I remember correctly, had something to do with Christmas songs and random Google images.

But now that I'm a famous beauty and style blogger,  I decided to do a top ten count down where I sing the praises of products and retailers that have surprised me with their wonderfulness in 2010. Because no one has ever thought of doing a year's-end top 10 list before.

Let's start with an eye product. Now, while no one has convinced me that there's a product out there that surpasses Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Eye Cream, which if you click on that link, you'll be pleased to discover is on sale via Amazon for $3.05/jar. (I just ordered three of them.)
For moisturizing without giving me milia, this eye cream is tops. But it does nothing for puffiness.

Which is why I'm giving a Poppy's Top 10 award to Clinique's All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage.

Now, under-eye bags and puffiness are not my biggest concern. My big concern is under-eye shadows. Mine are very dark. I have under-eye shadows as in cue the opening credits to Dark Shadows. And this roller doesn't help with them at all.

But after a night of not-enough sleep, or the Morning After? This roller is a gift from the gods. It's so cool and refreshing and just what the doctor ordered.

I got mine as part of a gift with purchase the last time I stocked up on Clinique's acne products for the teenagers. As far as not-really-necessary beauty products go, at $25.50/15 ml., it's not cheap.

To soften the sting, you could find a Clinique GWP by doing some research on GWP Addict. (Here's a link to Lisa's Top 3 listings: Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome GWP.)

You could also look on eBay--lots of eBay sellers resell extra GWP size products--some in sets of three, which is the same amount of product as you'd get in a full-size bottle.

You could also try drugstore alternatives, because there are a bunch out there: Olay Regenerist, Garnier Nutritioniste, and even one from L'Oreal Paris,
which rather hilariously, is marketed for men.

Do these eye rollers make that much of a difference? Maybe not. But when you wake up on January 1st, you'll be glad you have one on your bedside table.

For more on roll-on eye serums, see Prime Beauty's review.

Full disclosure: I have an Amazon Associates account, which means that when I link to stuff on Amazon--and I just did, big-time--if someone clicks over from my blog and buys it, I make a small commission. Just so you know, this Amazon Associates deal has so far added up to an $11.52 gift card. w00t!


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