Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poppy's Top 10 of 2010: Clinique's Even Better Skin Tone Corrector

Another product I was hoping wouldn't work, because

  1. It's ridiculously expensive. Retail is $49.50 for one ounce of product.
  2. If you use this stuff morning and night, one drop all over your face, you'll use it up in about a month.
  3. To make matters worse, you can't tell when the product is running out, because the pump is opaque.

So even though this product makes me a little crazy ... I do think it works.

I'd like to spare you the sight of my creepy bits, so I won't be uploading any photos. You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that I have a dark spot about the size of Rhode Island on my left cheekbone. It is, I guess, the price I pay for being a fair-skinned automobile driver.

It was also the result of a cruel beauty establishment taking a couple of decades to get around to telling me that UVA rays

  1. penetrate glass 
  2. do deep, invisible damage to the skin
  3. are not blocked by the standard SPF15 moisturizers I was using back in the 80s.

Anyway, I'm using a Vitamin C serum twice a day and this serum on top, and I do actually see an improvement. There is noticeable lightening of the spot.

There is also a noticeable lightening of my wallet. But at least I'm not left racking my brain for a Clinique product I can buy when I want to qualify for a GWP. Right?

Also, I've noticed that Clinique has introduced a new, larger size of this stuff. Which means I'm not the only person who thinks it works. And the new 1.7 ounce size sells for $73.00, which at least saves a little money.

For more:

See this article on age spots and what we can do about them.

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  1. I'd be interested. I tried something else I got from my doctor for about the same price, and it didn't do crap.

  2. Hmm. I'm interested - and I wear little if any makeup. But I'm fair skinned and have a large ugly age spot on the back of my hand, in addition to my natural freckles.

    Let me know if it goes for cheap somewhere. Aging ain't for wussies.

  3. found it for cheaper here - #38

  4. Remind me to show you the spot I've just discovered on my right cheekbone, would you?

  5. I've been using this for the past month (and yes I have used up the entire first bottle). I have noticed a significant difference on the large spot on my left cheekbone (damn those hours spent taking the kids places). I've also noticed an overall improvement in my skin's appearance. I'm hooked although I try to buy it only when L&T have their coupons that are good for everything in the store, including cosmetics.

  6. I'm so glad to read this - I've been wanting to try this stuff but not willing to take the risk in case it didn't work. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Do you have a blog where you still write about human stuff? Because I used to enjoy your writing.

  8. I have been circling around this product for quite a while. But on the other hand: a spot is a spot is a spot and so wot?
    Don't get me wrong - I am younger but I know what you are talking about! It just takes BCP and sun et voila - spot spot spot.

  9. yep, I adore Clinique. Dang it.


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