Monday, July 18, 2011

For want of a nail

Right around the time we start thinking about wearing sandals in Chicago, I managed to drop a toolbox on my left foot, and gave myself an owie on my big toe.

The results were just as unattractive as you'd think. I had quite a bit of bruising, and I broke my big toenail. It looked ghastly. It's better now, but I'm off pedicures and sandals and all that wonderful summer stuff until it's  grown out. Toenails grow really slowly, and I'm expecting to make it all the way through the summer without wearing sandals. At least, when I'm trying to look good.

It hardly seems fair. Here I am, not even half way through my fifties, and I've discovered another body part that, out of consideration for my fellow man, really should be covered up.

I mean, it's not like I was looking for work as a foot model, but my feet were OK. People didn't point and stare. But now my toes have joined my upper arms, thighs, buttocks, etc., etc., as body parts that must remain hidden, if only out of politeness.

And I've discovered something. What they always say is true; your shoes really do determine your outfit.

I went through my summer shoes and discovered that they're pretty much all open-toed. I have some pumps and slingbacks that would work for summer, but I didn't have anything that would work with casual pants.

I started shopping. I looked for ballerina slippers, because that was the one closed-toe shoe I could think of that wouldn't be hot or heavy looking. I got some subtle, non-logo-centric Tory Burch ones

and some loud, logo-rific Chanel ones

and these Prada driving shoes, but in beige.

But when I got my new loot home, I realized I didn't have anything to wear with them. My new flats looked completely stupid with every single pair of  pants I own (except--maybe--the bronze woven Tory Burch ones with my cargo pants rolled up.) The rest were all too long and too wide for flat shoes.

So I bought some skinny jeans. I know. Skinny jeans and Poppy shouldn't appear in the same sentence. But you can't wear ballerina flats with bootcuts. Your pants can be cropped, straight, or skinny, but not flared.

I also bought a pair of J. Crew Minnie cropped pants. They're OK. (Actually, they're J. Crew's most popular style. But on me, they're just OK.)

So here I am, with three pairs of shoes, two pairs of pants, and nothing to wear.

Stupid toenail! Grow! So I can wear my sandals.


  1. Oh no! So sorry about your poor little piggy. I actually have a not so similar issue, but close. I've been too busy to go get a pedicure, so I've had to narrow down my wardrobe the last couple of weeks. I know. It's such a short time compared to the whole summer, and it's completely self-inflicted, and...

    I'll shut up now.

  2. I've smashed my big toe too - it's awful!

    Lands End has a ton of ballet flats on sale - very comfy.

  3. They make fake press-on toe nails... no joke! A friend of mine lost her toenail from some kind of biking thing (too gory for me to pay attention to the details) and ANYway, she did the press on and it actually looked fine.

  4. Minnie is my favorite pant - but it's way to warm to wear them in Tuvalu, you'd be shoeless and pantless.

  5. I painted my remaining toenails a nude, taupe-y color to lessen the impact of the nail-less toe.

  6. Ow. Just Ow.

    Could you also wear Bermuda shorts with your cute new shoes? More summery anyway.

    And don't forget that you are at that prime embarrass your kids age -- so if you don't wear sandals for looks, at least do it to humilate your kiddos.

  7. Sorry to hear about that toe injury...the shoes must help you feel a bit better!
    Skinny jeans are very flattering and look great with flats...perhaps you need another day at the shops to find a few tops:)

  8. I agree with Carol. Try some pretty skirts to go with those ballerina shoes. I am sure they would look good on and be comfortable for you to wear during summer.

  9. Ouch. I know exactly what you're talking about us Fabio had a pile (8 bricks!) to move and one fell exactly on his big toe nail.
    Looks bad. I know. You know.
    But you fabooshly femme of the fashion will find the RIGHT way to disguise it. The fake nail sounds interesting ...

    PS WF waxcop ... does i tmean we'll be discussing wax in the future? Or will you send cops to check on our waxing ... lol


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