Saturday, October 15, 2011

This one's for blackbird, or, $#*! I bought

Blackbird asked me why I had such fabulous accessories and so little in the way of interesting (read: expensive) clothing. 

The answer is simple. It's just no fun to shop when you're feeling fat. Not to mention that the truly fashion-y fashionable clothes only go up to a size 10.

But then I thought, why am I punishing myself for being fat? I mean, yes, it's easier to amortize the cost of a great bag, and yes, you can dress up a little black dress with fantastic jewelry ... but don't I deserve a new little black dress once in a while? And while I'm at it, a really nice one?

And I already know I have a black-tie New Year's party to go to. So I bought this. It's the right cut for an hourglass figure. It won't require anything tricky (read: strapless) in the way of undergarments. And it has sleeves.

All I can say is I hope bird is satisfied.

Let's hope it fits!


  1. It is beautiful!!
    I bet she approves!

  2. That dress is STUNNING. How are you going to accessorize it?

  3. Oh of course this was needed! But what, no details? Good lord woman, what did we ever do to you:)?

  4. SS: She'd better! Or I'll demand a refund. From her, not the store.

    Jen: I haven't gotten that far. But I'll definitely be carrying the Chanel black satin faux-croco evening bag I eBayed. I'm not sure about shoes.

    LPC: Black silk with chiffon sleeves ... Pamella Roland ... Bergdorf Goodman. There.

  5. Well perfect. Great for the decolletage, forgiving in the bow, graceful and dramatic in the stern. The train! And pretty much calls out for some platforms, no?

  6. Hello Poppy, it's been awhile and I know you are busy busy but just fab that you posted today. I miss your posts.
    Happy for you, that you found a new LBD that will suit you and make you feel great. We all deserve to feel good in our own skin/clothes.
    I agree with you about fashion for us buxom curvy gals, it's a potential minefield.
    I wonder if there are any great fashion blogs out there for size 12's and up...
    it might be fun to search a few and see what they are show casing.
    What will you wear with this wonderful neckline?

  7. LPC: I love the train, too, although it makes it less dance-worthy and more fitted for a formal dinner. I just hope it doesn't make me look like Margaret Dumont in a Marx Brothers movie. Platforms sound good, but they need to be moderate; Mr. Buxom is no skyscraper.

    Hostess: Awww ... thanks, hon. It's true that back-to-school has kicked me in the caboose, what with the youngest starting high school. And agreed--where are the fashion blogs for those of us with a very crowded balcony? And for this wonderful neckline, I'm dreaming of one of those sparkly key necklaces from Tiffany. Or, you know, something sparkly and fake.

  8. Am breathless!
    Weak in the knees!
    In LOVE.

  9. She liked it! Hey, Mikey!


  10. it's gorgeous. And you deserve to feel pretty in your clothes no matter what size you are.

  11. How could she not like it.
    It's beautiful!


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