Friday, July 13, 2012

Links for a lazy weekend

A weekly feature where I point out great style and beauty related articles you might have missed.

On Lipstick, Powder, and Paint, Karen Kwan offers some compelling reason to protect your eyes from the sun. And no, it's not about getting crows feet!

Advanced Style will be featured in O magazine this August. If you haven't been reading this amazing blog, which features street style of older women, here's a sample.

Yes, she's wearing glen plaid, a corolla of braids, a snood, and a quilted Chanel backpack. But wait! There's more. Head here to check out her Louise Brooks pearls.


Zuzu's Petals has the greatest blog post I've ever seen about tightlining.

If you asked me, I'd tell you it would be impossible to rock a pair of flowered cropped pants. But Bourbon & Pearls manages to do it

in her review of a rainy trip to London. 

I haven't picked up a copy of Glamour since the magazine de-evolved to out Cosmo Cosmo, but when I'm looking outstandingly dishevelled or random or like everything halfway decent is in the hamper, I still refer to myself as a "Glamour Don't." Check out MichelleBeth's first-person narrative of what it was like to work at Glamour ... and be a Glamour Don't.

Because of the balcony, I have a tendency to avoid wearing t-shirts with designs or writing across the front. When I buy a concert T-shirt, I get the XXL and wear it to sleep in. But Any Second Now has an interesting take on the rock t-shirt. What do you think--is there a place in your wardrobe for your vintage concert t-shirts?

Things that make me go "awwwwwwwwww." Check out three generations of stylish women in Arlane's post about her daughter's wedding.

Finally, it wasn't until I expanded this video to full-screen that I realized this man isn't wearing some kind of hipster waistcoat: it's a baby carrier.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love a good dance video - the baby is a bonus.

  2. The baby is the best possible hipster accessory:).

  3. The baby must love to dance!
    Cute video and some great good morning links...
    thanks Poppy!


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