Friday, August 03, 2012

Links for a lazy weekend IV: When the light bulb goes off, and other stories

As I was reading the article about whitening creams on the Fashionista, I thought, I should write one of these, too! But I read on and realized that this article can't be topped. Finally, someone has taken on the subject of dark spots, why all the cosmetics companies are releasing lines designed to deal with them, and how they work. Also, it explains why my expensive Chanel Le Blanc serum, cream, and cleanser have been doing zip, zilch, nada to clear up the giant sun spot on my left cheekbone.  And why I should just buy another bottle NuFountain Vitamin C serum instead.

Don't they?
We've all been subjected to numerous photographs of "arm parties"--that stacked bracelet craze that's been around for a couple of years now. And frankly, a lot of the time, the stack looks kind of tatty. I don't know whether people want their bracelets to tell a story, but I see stories that look like "OK, here's my watch even though I really use my phone to tell time, and a beaded friendship bracelet that my daughter made for me, and a bangle that my husband gave me when we were dating, and a set of three costume bangles, and a double wrap leather bracelet." And they're all higgledy-piggly, and look a little sweaty.

So here's District of Chic showing us How It's Done.

It doesn't hurt that there are two Hermès bangles in the mix. Or that she's carrying a Chanel flap.
In other news, I am entranced with a lot of the new styles that are coming out for fall. I'm at a stage in life where I occasionally need to wear a dress. And not an empire-waisted, one-shoulder dress six inches above my knee accessorized with platform sandals, the whole outfit designed to make me look like an adolescent giraffe. At least, that would be the end result if I were seventeen years old.

Therefore, I'm absolutely in love with the stuff I've seen coming out for fall. I had to dig around a bit on line to find it, since the stylists for the catalogs are doing their bewildering best to cobble together outfits that look like the sort of thing I'd throw on if my house were on fire, and J. Crew, I'm looking at you.

Here's a thought: don't. Unless you really, really want to look like a fashion blogger.
And don't think I'm not aware of your lapses in that respect, NORDSTROM. Blame your catalog stylists for the fact that I went to the Anniversary Sale on the first day ... and didn't buy anything but makeup.

Anyway, I'm in love with the longer lengths I've been seeing for fall. Ditto the paucity of platform shoes, which have started to look really dated even to me--and I cling to my favorite styles like a terrier with a bone. I'm pleased to see that waistlines appear to have headed south from the supposedly-flattering empire waist that has bedeviled me (and my Balcony) for the past several years. And I love the peplums. Although these are not great for those of us with Hips. However, they are helpful for those of us who have developed Elephant Ass, adding much-needed fullness to our meager side view. 

Not to toot my own horn ad nauseum, but you can see the stuff I've been admiring on my Pinterest board.

I mean, honestly--what's not to love?

Meanwhile, I'm sort of on a spending moratorium until I have time to hit the stores and check this stuff out in person.

In parting, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful weekend, as we wind our way into August and the end of summer. Get outside, eat watermelon, have a drink or two on the porch, find a large body of water and gaze at it. And you'll never guess what I'm doing this weekend, so I'll tell you. I'm dragging Mr. Buxom to a dance studio in Chicago to learn Balboa swing dancing. Check it out:

I mean, seriously. Look at those shoes. How could I not want to do this?


  1. I love this blog. At a casual cocktail party last night I noticed a friend's bracelets and what a mess. Friendship bracelets mixed with silver and gold assorted bangles, really. I know the high school kids can tell a story with their bracelets but a woman of a certain age should stick to the old fashioned charm bracelet that looks like it coordinates with her other jewelry.

    Love, love that black dress. Who makes it.
    Finally, kudos to you to get Mr Buxom to the dance studio. Mr Ward would never do that unless under extreme duress.


  2. Hah! Thanks for the validation--I wasn't sure I wasn't being overly cranky about arm parties.

    The dress is Alexander McQueen at Net-a-porter, and not only is it an aspirational $1,695, the "extra large" size 12s are sold out. However, I'm interested in questions of style, and as far as I'm concerned, style for the woman of a certain age doesn't percolate up from the street, it trickles down from the top. (Rather like our figures.) So let the younger fashion bloggers ooh and ah about jorts; we simply have a greater need for more serious clothes.

    About the dance studio, rest assured Mr. Buxom is feeling none too happy about this, but once in a while, I force him to show his chivalrous side.

  3. Great post. I'm definitely guilty of sporting a small arm soiree almost on the daily, but I have to say they at least coordinate like that rich lady's. No Hermes here, but definitely some Stella & Dot and Ebay J.Crew.

    Speaking of, love how you called them out. Who can wear that many layers comfortably? Without adding 20 lbs? I've really started to feel bad about myself for not having on at least three layers of clothing on top, and it's because of all these dang fashion bloggers. I live in Atlanta, it's too hot for all of that. I'm like you and appreciate a simple dress every now and then.

    I'm also on the dark spot corrector bandwagon. I have one on my right cheekbone. I'm currently using Philosophy Miracle Worker. Sadly, I'm not sure if it's working a miracle. I think my tanorexia is winning.

  4. Dear Pops,

    can you help me? You once had one of my quotes on your blog, but for the life of me I cannot recall what it was- do you remember???? Since the baby I can hardly recall a thing xxxx

  5. Hi Kindredly--thanks for commenting! Obviously, I need to call out a few more retailers, as I have clearly touched a nerve. Now where to begin ...

    FF: Of course I remember your quote: "It's nice to have an interest, even a shallow one." I found it here.

  6. I love your comments on the Arm Parties. I have seen more than one over at Purse Forum, all regarding Hermes, that seemed way overdone and didn't look good together, so your post has made me laugh. That being said, I love the picture of an Arm Party done right! XO, Jill


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