Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elliptical thinking

I spent an unusually long time doing cardio today, and it's not because I was afraid of what Thanksgiving will do to me. No, when your child is at the salon at your gym getting a keratin treatment, and said child has lots of hair, you have time and to spare.

So while I was burning my 620 calories, I found myself pondering a package that arrived recently. It was another goody from Worth New York. Specifically, this:

Not the pants, jacket, or blouse. I mean the cable-knit shrug.

Although this version is olive green, and mine is black.

 Let me tell you, you can spend a LOT of time wondering how the hell you're going to wear a sweater-without-sleeves. Over a dress? Over a long-sleeved black top? Am I going to look like I have a knitting fetish? And then I remind myself that it's fingerless gloves for the Balcony, and I love fingerless gloves.

Another thing I'm thinking about is wide-calf boots. Are they a good thing? J. Crew is offering 25 percent off pretty much anything this week, and I find myself strangely attracted to their wide-calf boots. My calves are 14 inches around. Is that wide enough, or will I end up drowning in boots? Do I want to buy these boots only to look like this?

Honestly. Can you believe what a shallow creature I am? Finery, finery, finery--it's all I think about these days.


  1. The shrug is to die for. But you knew that.
    Do you actually need wide-calf boots?
    I do not recall your calves being wide.
    If so, go baby go!

  2. Ooof--I'm short and have wide calves (Thanks, German grandmothers!) so those boots would make me look completely squat and stout.
    But the cable shrug thing is pretty cool.

  3. I have to get the wide calf boots or none would fit me. Like Green Girl I have my German heritage to thank.


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