Saturday, November 24, 2012

I swear, it took less time to get ready for my wedding.

I spent the evening sitting around with Mr. Buxom. We watched some Netflix DVDs. We drank red wine and ate cheese and crackers and I polished off a few more Thanksgiving leftovers, leaving him breathless with my ability to pack in calories.

To do this, I wore cords, a white shirt, my (inevitable) Tory Burch Simone cardigan, and woolly socks. To chauffeur my children, I added my (just as inevitable) motorcycle boots and Purple Prada Purse. Oh, and the inevitable black leather jacket.

Hey, I repeat stuff a lot, which is one reason I don't include a lot of photographs.

The other is knowing who's really sharp around here.

Tuxedo, Joseph Banks; shirt, cummerbund and tie, Brooks Brothers; studs and cufflinks, c/o Mr. Buxom

Dress, Aidan Mattox; necklace and shoes (invisible) Betsey Johnson, hair by Tony at Pascal Pour Elle; nails by Lucy at Pascal Pour Elle, makeup by Poppy Buxom


  1. Miss Buxom looks so much like you I gasped.

    They are gorgeous.

  2. What gorgeous little Buxoms!!!!!!

    I like how the hints of red in the holiday decor to bring out the perfect red of Poppet's dress and lips. Oh, to have generous lips and the perfect shade of red lipstick! I have wanted these two things my entire life and your high schooler has already got them. No fair!!)


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