Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Sunday Worst

Worth dress in Deep Flint, ancient Caligarius black kid Chanel-style slingbacks with black patent toes; Chanel bag; Hermes bangles (eBay); Chanel necklace
Here I am in my Sunday-go-to-meeting best, except ... not so much.

What we're seeing here is the problem of picking out dresses by trying on other styles in the size you'll need. That's what you have to do when you buy stuff from a friend who is selling clothes for The Carlisle Collection, Doncaster, or Worth New York, and doesn't have the dress in your size.

I mean, yes, it fits. My hips, tum, and bum are all adequately covered. There are no unsightly bulges.  But the combination of the jewel neckline, the color, and the fabric makes the Balcony All Too Apparent.

To divert attention from The Balcony, I piled on tons of high-end accessories and jewelry, but they fail to disguise the failure that is this dress on me. They are, at best, a stop gap. What this dress really needs is a cardigan. Maybe even a coat.

Oh, and by the way. My legs are bare. See what I mean about pantyhose? I'm so pale, I look frostbitten. I went without hose because I was going to be wearing a choir robe, and I thought I'd get too hot with hose on. I carried a pair with me, but I never got around to putting them on, which was too bad for innocent passersby.

Not an Arm Party; more a chance meeting of like-minded friends. Ebayed Hermes bangles and my old Baume & Mercier watch.
Here's a close up of the Hermes bracelets, which I eBayed a while ago in two separate auctions. See how they go together? Let me tell you, finding two coordinating bracelets is quite a coup.

The moral of the story? Even when the Balcony is a matter of deep concern, the way Hermes coordinates the patterns on their printed bracelets continues to be a great satisfaction to me.

Balcony or no Balcony, we'll always have Hermes.


  1. Loving your posts, Poppy. I often distract myself from the frustrations of fashion and figure with sparkle; bracelets are especially good for that. What can I say, I am a magpie.

    I think you look perfect.

  2. That's the thing about clothes -- even when everyone else says you look fine, if you don't feel pretty, then it's not a great outfit.

    Because I think it's a pretty dress.

    I used to have a suit that garnered compliment after compliment. But the outfit made me feel like Janet Reno. Not a good vibe.

    Hermes bangles? droool

  3. Do you know what my mother, retail expert from Lord & Taylor would say?
    That dress does nothing for you.

    Gorgeous you.

  4. Blackbird is so correct. I have successfully avoided friends who sell Doncaster and Carlisle. It's easier than making excuses for not buying anything.


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