Friday, November 09, 2012

What I Wore Today

Worth Coffee Bean ponte laser cut dress and Tsubo Mary Janes (similar)
Today I was up at 5:45 so I could get to the gym for a 7:00 workout with Terri (In case you're in the market, that's Terri Ellman at LifeTime Fitness in Skokie, Illinois.) As you can see, the midriff bulge hasn't gone anywhere yet. This dress is a size 14. A very fitted size 14.

Really, it's snug enough that it's almost vulgar. If I weren't planning on losing more weight, I'd size up just so I wouldn't have to remember to suck. in. my. stomach. every. single. second. Instead, I'm congratulating myself that at the rate I'm losing weight (about half a pound a week) it will actually fit and look OK by spring. Without Spanx. And that's allowing for the amount of eating and drinking I indulge in over the holidays.

I wanted to show you the fun laser cut back. Hello, hipster glasses!
I wore this with some two-year-old Tsubo color-blocked Mary Janes.

I carried my crazy tie-dyed cashmere shawl to ward off any chilliness

as well as my giant purple Prada purse

for the all-important Style Blogger's Pop Of Color. And an alliterative one, at that.

I also wore sheer hose (I know, I know, very old lady. But trust me; you don't want to see my veins.)

I'm wearing Chanel's Malice on my nails.

My picture will never do this polish justice, so here is one from The Beauty Look Book
Malice is their holiday 2012 polish shade, and it's absolutely gorgeous--a blackened red with subtle micro-glitter. It's sort of like OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress, except vampier and micro-glittery rather than frosty. If you like vampy nail polish shades, you'll love this red. It's very wearable--definitely not Christmas-y.

I love it with a hard, gem-like flame and might even buy a back-up bottle.


  1. I have never SEEN you in a dress.

  2. Just wanted to tell you I'm inspired to keep going with this weight loss, get into better shape journey I'm on .... thanks to women just like you!

  3. I am loving how you are putting yourself out there for all of us to see.
    THe Worth dress is a keeper.
    Attention to detail is so important. If we wear a size 18 or a 2 it's really how we put it all together isn't it?
    I am following your progress avidly.

  4. Thumbs up! I like the way that dress fits, and the necklace is such a nice touch.

    Also, you have Quite Superior hair:).

  5. Hi Poppy, I'm catching up. You look great! Thanks for writing again.

  6. I have a similar dress by Lafayette 148 and on Tuesday I will have Chanel malice on my nails. What I don't have and want is the gorgeous purple Prada bag. You are looking good.


  7. Hostess of the HB directed her readers to your lovely blog; Love that dress and the surprise purple bag color pop. How fun!

  8. Malice!!!
    You are rocking the weight loss.


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