Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Wore Today

I had an appointment at my hair salon first thing this morning, and 10 minutes before I was due to leave, I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I couldn't find any jeans, so I grabbed a pair of black knit Tory Burch pants that I bought recently.

I wanted to wear a black t-shirt because Lord knows I don't want to anyone to get hair dye on a white shirt.

Then I realized that I was wearing all black, right down to the motorcycle boots and black jacket.

To avoid looking like Brando in The Wild One, I wanted to add something colorful like, say, my violet colored Tory Burch Simone cardigan.

But then I thought it would look stupid because everything else I was wearing was black.  So I added my trusty J. Crew statement necklace, to bring in some plummy tones.

Usually, when I add a color to an outfit, I use the rule of three. One item in a color looks random (on me; it looks great on you! I swear!) Two looks contrived. Odd numbers are better. Three is best.

But then, as I got ready to go outside, topping everything with my black leather jacket but adding mulberry colored wrist worms and my purple Prada purse, I realized I had gone beyond the Rule of Three to full-on Moby Grape.

Once I got outside, though, I realized that it wasn't my fault. It was nature.

 We just happened to share a color scheme today.


  1. OMG I had my hair done today too...
    I wore all black from my top to my boots!

    I must say that when I retire my 6 week cut and colour will have to go.....$185 is a lot of cash.

    What do you pay Poppy?

  2. I had my hair cut and colored this morning too, $150 every four weeks for me because my hair is short.

    I loved the purple hues. I was in blue and gray. Fun morning because my stylist's former client came in Jim Totoian, the Shiatsu Master. He does Shiatsu for all the jazz musicians and rock and country stars mostly in NYC. His brother Rich was a promoter who discovered Carlos Santana. It was all rock and roll and name dropping in little old Fresno this am :)


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