Monday, November 04, 2013

A colorful Halloween was had by all

It rained on Halloween for the first time in a long, long time. We've been really lucky for years--we've had gorgeous Indian summer Halloweens, warm and dry, and most important of all, warm enough so that the kids don't have to wear coats.

Not this year, though. And I think it affected my wardrobe choices.

Mauve Eileen Fisher silk t-shirt (three years old)
Fuchsia Tory Burch Simone cardigan (last year's)
Joules neck scarf

From the Joules website

Light purple Brooks Brothers corduroys (last year)
Jimmy Choo Youth motorcycle boots (last year's but still available)

Joules Moredale navy blue quilted jacket
Prada Saffiano bag (last year)

Here's a better shot of the jacket.

But with all that--looking like either the cool end of the rainbow or a jar of triple-berry preserves--I couldn't compete with this:


My daughter dressed as a female version of Jim Carey in The Mask.

You'll be glad to hear that green face paint washes off.

P. S. Did you notice how the jacket lining matches the scarf? I'll have you know I bought them in York, crammed into my suitcase along with my other English loot (much of it from Joules) and had to pay an overweight luggage fee for it all, but begrudged it not, for I loved them so. However, soon after I got back from England, I discovered that Joules is available in the U.S. Oops. But now with no suitcase concerns to stop me, I've found matching wellies and a collapsible umbrella. And because I'm an old-fashioned person who thinks that everything should match, I bought them.  I expect I'll look fairly insane next time it rains ... but at least I won't have a green face.

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  1. I think I have that coat too...
    But not that fabulous Prada bag!
    Nice to see your post today. Have been wondering how you've been doing as I have missed reading your blog.


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