Saturday, December 21, 2013

The twelve greatest hits of 2013: Buxom lippies

I realize that everyone is going matte these days, and/or trying to get you to pull off super bright red lips. Which may not be the greatest look for us. I mean, has anyone else noticed how overwhelming Emma Stone's makeup is in the recent Revlon ads?

Anyway, cray colors (as in crayon colors that will make you look crazy) are all very well and good for chickabiddies like Emma. But we are adult women. We exist in the space/time continuum--a real place, where redheads do not wear fuchsia lipstick, for God's sake.

Sad to say that colors that look great on Taylor Swift or Scarlet Johansen or even Emma tend to make us look like a remake of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

I'll rock a red lip very occasionally. Very special occasionally, like when Mr. Buxom and I are going to a holiday party. And on those occasions, I make him promise not to look at me until we get to the party, where the lights will be appropriately dim.

The rest of the time, I wear my-lips-but-better shades. And this past year, I started using some products from the Buxom line--and not just because of the awesome name. I don't know whether these products make my lips look buxom, but they definitely look younger and fuller, and for that they win best lip products of 2013.

First, I outline and fill with Full-On Lipstick ($19)
in Brooklyn, a shade they describe as "harvest fig."

GIANT SWATCH OF BROOKLYN!!!! (Where are all the hipsters?)

Full-On Lipstick is matte without being drying or irritating. This is crucial, because keeping my lips smooth and soft is a challenge. Matte lipsticks and long-wear lipsticks are great, but my lips pay a price when I wear them. Consequently, I'm always looking for lip color that lasts, but isn't irritating.  

The weird thing is the Buxom line is designed to act as lip plumpers. Lip plumping products contain ingredients like cinnamon, capiscum, or menthol that cause a mild and temporary swelling of the lips. I stayed far away from them for years because I'd heard that they could be uncomfortable, even painful, and I didn't want to use products that would dry out or irritate my lips. But the Buxom products don't irritate my lips--they have the minty tingle, but wearing them actually leaves my lips softer and smoother.

I use Brooklyn under other, glossier lipsticks to keep the color from migrating. (I love Revlon Lip Butters, but they just won't stay put.) I use Brooklyn under some of my more flamboyant glosses to tone them down. And I especially love Brooklyn under Full-On Lipcream ($19)

in White Russian

Which is a lovely, milky pink color with no frost or glitter. It has good pigment, but is a little pale for me to wear by itself. It's useful for lightening darker shades and making your lips look fuller.

Like the Full-On Lipstick, Full-On Lip Cream is supposed to plump your lips. It has a minty tingle that starts a few seconds after you apply them. I notice the tingle, but I haven't noticed much, if anything in the way of plumping. On the other hand, I won't object if my lips get a tiny bit fuller--even if I can't really see a measurable difference.

And this gloss does make my lips appear fuller. It doesn't do this by sleight of hand with glitter or shimmer. It fills in the lines in my lips like no other shade I've ever used.


  1. Looks perfect for warm coloring.

  2. I love your make up posts even though I have no access to the stuff, I simply enjoy your detailed description and writing.
    Happy Holidays!


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