Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My vintage Chanel jumbo flap in action

Isn't it gorgeous!

Every year my pal Bunky gives a Valentine's Day tea party at the Ritz for all of "his ladies." We are all requested to wear red. This year I didn't have a red dress or suit to wear, so I made do with a red and white mini-check shirt and a red cashmere cardigan. Red lips and nail polish, of course.

Because that didn't seem dressy enough, I got out the big guns: two red Hermès bangles and a red and white Twilly tied to the strap of my circa 1990s Chanel bag. I've never seen a picture of me carrying it--it's a wow, isn't it?

I lunched with the two other ladies pictured here, and we had a terrific time.


  1. Yes a resounding Yes!
    You look radiant and beautiful.
    I'd love to have that bag....

  2. Looooooove. Beautiful bag and you look great!

  3. Imma give you a BIG wow:).

  4. First let me tell you, you look absolutely wonderful in this shot.

    Secondly (and I am shocked I do) I own that Chanel. Oh yes I do. And there's more to it: I bought in Beverly Hills on my honeymoon.
    Yes I DID!

    Can you detect a slight excitement in my comment?

  5. I long for a friend called Bunky to take me to the Ritz while I frock up in red! x


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