Friday, August 14, 2015

Other summer favorites

After I went to the extreme trouble of outlining in excruciating detail my elaborate, expensive, and time-consuming skin care regime, could I possibly have more favorites?

I could.

Here are some--absolutely random, I promise.

Favorite sun block

Ocean Potion SPF 70

I wear this from the neck down because it's a little greasy under makeup--not bad, but not like one of those dry-touch sun screens. It does the job and it smells good. No, really. It smells like Creamsicles (combination of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream, in case they don't sell them down under.) I've actually gotten compliments--been told I smell good when I'm wearing nothing but my sunscreen. I KNOW, right? Plus it's cheap. My tube cost me $5.99.

The Nordstrom Liberty of London pop-up sale

It was still on when I wrote this, but now it's been replaced with another brand. Anyway, I paid full retail for some of their ditsy floral gorgeousness, including a pair of gardening gloves and matching apron, but my favorite thing might just be the graphic they used. I grabbed it and I'm using it as a desktop background.

Feel free to grab it from here, and if for mysterious computer-y reasons it doesn't work, email me at poppy2006 at and I'll send you the file.

A lazy susan on the bathroom vanity

I realize these things smack of Ye Olde Tupperware Partye circa 1972 (which might actually be when my mother acquired it, before passing it along to me) but I Marie Condo'd the spice cupboard (you know, that Japanese organizer who wants everything you own to spark joy) and took it out, and on a whim, tried it in the bathroom. That's the stuff I use every day or at least, every week, and believe it or not, having them huddle together on a lazy susan makes me look slightly less vain than stringing them along the entire counter top. I mean, you don't walk into my bathroom and think "Holy overpriced products, Batman!"

Also, I now have room for the all-important white orchid and Diptyque candle that every self-respecting beauty blogger/Pinterest addict is supposed to have.

So if you have a pretty tray or a nice basket or something, you can use it to hide how vain you are and how many products you use on the regular. Just saying.

The Miracle Suit
Not me, but close enough.
I recently went to Jen Lancaster's to play Pooly Ball and drink too many Singapore Slings and eat amazing food with Jen, Fletch, and some of their friends. When I arrived I told Jen that my bathing suits were so old that the spandex wouldn't spandex anymore, so she let me wear one of hers. Which she then gave me.
Trust me when I say those things really are miraculous. My rack looked GREAT.

Hybrid Tea roses

John F. Kennedy may or may not have been a wonderful President (I'm too young to remember) but he makes a wonderful rose.

John F. Kennedy

I know I'm supposed to prefer antique roses, and I have some, OK, haters? But my deck is planted with hybrid teas in pots, and as my funny invisible internet friend Faux Fuschia says, I luff them 11/10.

McCartney Rose
Sally Hanson Diamond Shine nail polish

Nice on its own, but brilliant as a topper. Slap a coat on your toes on top of whatever polish you're wearing and watch them twinkle. It's glitter for grown-ups.

Jelly Sandwiches

OPI Dating a Royal with Sally Hansen's Over the Rainblue and Finger Paints In the Monet

Did I just say "glitter for grown-ups?" Bah, humbug. I've decided that glitter is for everyone. Especially in a jelly sandwich, which tones it down a lot. A jelly sandwich is when you apply a coat or two of sheer polish, a coat of a glitter and top it with another coat of the sheer polish. It then looks like the glitter is sort of floating in colored syrup, and honestly, it's mesmerizing. I find myself staring at my nails when I'm driving.

Chanel's Pirate with OPI Minnie Style glitter

So far no crashes, though.


It's sweet, yet spicy. LIKE ME.


  1. I freaking love a hybrid tea. With 100 percent humidity they are the only things that grow round here. Rose snobs be damned xxx

  2. A jelly sandwich.
    You are awesome.

  3. Is the Miracle Suit comfortable?
    (I might need a little miracle)

  4. @blackbird--yes! That must be how it got the name.


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