Thursday, January 28, 2016

Unfloppable Poppy

So I'm thinking deep thoughts about K-Beauty and snail creams and whether I should tiptoe into all that, even though I suspect that if I do, I'll never get through all my samples. (Laura Mercier's oil-free foundation looks promising, but I thought I'd try it in Florida before I post a review.) So anyway, I procrastinated by checking out the most current links on bird's blog.

First I read a sad tale of bra shopping.

image courtesy of "Unsupported" by Betsy Morais, at the Awl

Then, I got this, from a website in New Zealand.

I think the universe is sending me a message. It is telling me to head over to Barenecessities.

And hey—when was the last time you refreshed your lingerie drawer? Hmmm? Those things don't last forever, you know. Even with careful laundering (use lukewarm water; hand wash where possible, but you can use a mesh bag, or, in a pinch, a knotted pillowcase; hang to dry, NEVER PUT THEM IN THE DRYER) you get maybe two years. If you rotate them. And don't wear them two days in a row.

Wait a minute—have we talked about this? Well, it bears repeating: take care of your girls and the bras that cover them.

Also, if you have access to a Japanese food store or are good at shopping on line, get one of these

You'll thank me. Socks, bras, hose—the uses are endless. And yes, my friend Liz thought mine was hilarious and came out of the powder room carrying one and laughing helplessly, but mine isn't nearly as funny as this

which is strangely reminiscent of those things you use to wash your trucker caps in the top rack of your dishwasher. But they would probably come in handy if you wear those bras with the linings and push-up pads and suchlike. Those suckers take forever to dry.

TLDR: If you can't read the size on the label anymore, it's time to buy new.


  1. Replies
    1. You must. You must! YOU MUST IMPROVE YOUR BUST.

  2. Next time (if there will ever be one) I travel to the US I want the full bra measuring experience. Never had it and my life feels incomplete.


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