Friday, February 26, 2016

A beauty blogger's work is never done, or, Adventures in Curating

So today I had to find some more sulfate-free shampoo to test. Because yesterday's test was less than successful. Remember how I said it hadn't gotten quite clean? Well, today after my workout, my hair was

So I got to work. First I pulled all the shampoo packets out of my Musée du Produits du Hair.

Then I pulled out the ones that had sulfates. Then I took out the ones that had no ingredients listed, or listed the ingredients in Korean. These will come in handy when I'm looking for something to do on one of those long winter evenings, and researching unusual hair grooming products and figuring out how to type Korean characters into Google Translate sounds enticing.

That left me with a grand total of Two Curated Shampoos.

I chose the one on the left, No. 4 Clarifying Shampoo.

I washed my hair with it, and then followed with my usual conditioner and blowdrying routine, which involved a lot of standing, some hair clips, half a dozen round brushes, and some velcro rollers. My hair doesn't look or feel fabulous, but Buffy has stopped retching.

I'd tell you more about the shampoo, but I have people coming to dinner tomorrow. I needed to put the blowdryer down and get ready. I needed to polish silver.

And take apart the chandelier and wash it.

Think I'm kidding? I take a picture so I can put everything back ...
... after I wash the crystals.

People, it's all in the table setting. I can't cook. Well, I can. A little. But I'm experimenting on my guests. All the books tell you not to, but honestly, if I didn't invite people over, I'd never try anything new. I need the stimulus.

My plan is to charm them with all that chinoiserie. That way they won't notice that I messed up the main course. I mean, I'm not going to dazzle them with my hair, that's for sure. (I'm making tenderloin of beef. First time, people. Pray for me. )


  1. You'll do swell...and Mr. Buxom will charm them. Dim the lights, light some candles and have at it.
    Bon chance!

  2. You're not messing around with that table setting! I'd come over for dinner at your house any day of the week. You don't even need to wash the chandelier first.

  3. Chinoiserie and beef ..... good - my Pekingese Coco and I will be over --- when we find our passports!

  4. I've tried sulphate free shampoo before and i just can't stick with it, my hair is too greasy by day2... it's the only thing i'll let sulfates get near me in ;) .... Don't they say you eat with your eyes? Based on that all you need is the table setting ;)


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