Monday, February 08, 2016

Best things from 2015: the Keratin Treatment

In October, 2015 I got a Keratin smoothing treatment. I wasn't expecting much. One of my curly-haired children had gotten it done, and it didn't seem to really straighten the hair that much.

It also didn't seem to last longer than six weeks or so, which is ridiculous, considering how much it costs.

However, we're in February, and my October treatment is still going strong. I've reached the point where I'm not happy with the way my hair looks if I let it air dry, so I have to blow it out. But blow-drying takes a quarter of the time it usually takes because it's not a half-hour battle fighting my hair's tendency to frizz.

I will definitely get it done again, even though there are drawbacks.

It's an expensive, time-consuming process. For three days after you have it done, you can't get your hair wet. These means for three days, it's tub baths and no working out.

Also, my hair was flat-ironed to within an inch of its life. It was pin-straight and hung in sad Fred Basset flaps on either side of my face. The three days that was the case were some of my all-time homeliest.

Then when I did wash my hair (using my new Keratin-friendly products) it felt a bit coated and stiff. But. Even with no styling at all--towel dried, with a little styling creme, combed out, air-dried, it looked pretty good:

Me, with air-dried hair (and no makeup) four days after Keratin treatment

It still feels a little bit stiff when I wash it. But it's softer once it's dry. Go figure.

I'm enjoying having manageable hair, and even four months later, a week in Florida has held no fears for me. Humidity? Bah humbug!

So--if you have hair with more curl than you like (or, like me, have naturally straight hair that is so chemically treated that it has a tendency to puff up and/or frizz) and can spare the $200 to $300 it will cost, say yes to the Keratin treatment. You will save so much time for so many months.

But be sure to buy the sulfate-free shampoo.

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