Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Confession Time, Part Un: I've accumulated more samples

I'm innocent! Really! It was a different Poppy who ordered all this crappe from Neiman Marcus.

OK, I'm not fooling anyone, so I might as well get it off my chest. Occasionally, Mr. Buxom and I give each other, in lieu of a gift, PTB, or "permission to buy." Sometimes, when the item in question is a suit for him, or a ridiculously expensive article of makeup for me, it seems more sensible for us to take care of the transaction ourselves, rather than making the other person beard the lionesses in the first floor of Neiman Marcus.

So for Valentine's Day, Mr. Buxom gave me permission to buy the enchanting monkey compact from Estee Lauder.

Now I know it's completely ridiculous, but you need to hold it in your hand to appreciate how weighty and good quality this is.

And look how tiny it is. It's a BABY. Who could resist such cuteness?

I realize we're talking about base metal and crystals, but this is the Jay Strongwater of compacts. Honestly.

And so of course, I bought the compact while Neiman Marcus was having a beauty event.

And while Estee Lauder was having a GWP.

And while there was a coupon code for some perfume samples from Robert Piguet.

In my defense, I also used eBates.

I may be a hopeless spendthrift, but at least I am a power shopper.


  1. I understand about the purchases - especially that cutie monkey!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I'm planning to fake a contact lens emergency from time to time just so I can pull it out of my purse in front of people. ;-)

  3. LOL .... or , if like me - a lipstick break!!! I did a art class some time ago with a famous Australian Artist and she told us all to "STOP .... we need a lipstick break!" Then she pulled out her compact and applied a bright red lippie .... she was about 70 at the time and still going strong - her name is Mirka Mora. :)

  4. I love it- never underestimate the power of a well-designed object of delight! Especially glamorous monkeys :)


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