Sunday, February 21, 2016

the Holy Roman Empire: neither holy, Roman, nor an empire. Discuss.

Sorry, everyone. Not only am I the least glamorous housewife to drive for 10 hours between almost-Kentucky to almost-Canada (and thus am pretty low on insights about beauty, style, or even basic grooming)* my daughter's school still thinks I'm a pornographer, and is blocking my site.

I'm blogging from my phone. Which is not receptive to my usual multiple-dependent-clause sentence structure.

Also, no pictures.

So talk among yourselves. I'm driving back to Chicago tomorrow. See you soon.

* Seriously, I packed a bag of makeup brushes. Guess what I forgot to pack. MAKEUP. I don't know why anyone listens to a word I say.


  1. It's because you say it so well, of course.
    Safe travels.

    1. Thank you. xxx

      Oh, and I made it home safely. Now to check on how you're doing.

  2. Travel safe .... what - no makeup!

    1. I know! Tragic, right? I had a lipstick and a cushion foundation I'm testing. That's it.

      (Not to knock Evansville, Indiana unduly, but I don't think anyone there noticed that I'd been beaten with the ugly stick.)

  3. How could I NOT follow you and listen to you.


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