Sunday, March 06, 2016

Be prepared, or my perfect storm of stupidity

Like most right-minded individuals, bird thinks it's foolish for me to keep acting all ad hoc about my travel preparedness, since I appear to be on the road more often than I'm at home. She advised me to pull together a really well-thought-out travel cosmetics kit and then post about it. She is the boss of me, so I started working on it.

I decided my problem was my cosmetics bag, because it's huge. It's so big that I dig through tons of bite-sized tubes, bottles, and jars only to discover that I've forgotten to pack the toothpaste.

I decided to divide and conquer: I would use one bag for skincare, one bag for makeup, and one bag for hair/teeth/body. A use for some of those GWP bags I'm always accumulating, hooray!

I thought through everything thoroughly. I would include a small bottle of cleansing oil PLUS a foaming cleanser PLUS micellar water PLUS cotton pads--and that's just getting my face cleaned off. My new kit also offers two kinds of exfoliation (chemical and granular) as well as eye creams, Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, day cream, night creams, sunscreen--you name it.

I planned to take pictures, list the products, and describe why I selected them over the weekend, while I was in Bloomington, Indiana.

On Wednesday night, after I picked up my daughter at the airport, I drove into Chicago and realized I needed gas. Except the station I pulled into has the most expensive gas in all of Chicagoland. (If you're curious, it's the BP at North and Clark.) So I only bought $10 worth, figuring I'd buy more gas in Indiana, where it's much cheaper.

You know where this is going, don't you? Or not going, because I RAN OUT OF GAS.

I was stuck on I-65 somewhere near Lafayette, Indiana for two hours waiting for the AAA guy to come by with a couple of gallons so I could limp to a gas station, fill up, and then finally get to my destination two and a half hours later than originally planned.

So why should anyone listen to a word I say?


  1. My horror would be stuck on a freeway or a dark street with a broken down poor thing!!!!

  2. No, no, I don't deserve any sympathy! Let's just hope I learned the valuable lesson of filling the tank before getting on the highway. And I think the fear I felt every time an 18-wheel semi roared past me at 80 mph will reinforce the lesson nicely.

  3. You know what kills me about this story? KILLS ME?
    That you wouldn't spend the money to fill the tank.

    1. I know! It's my inner New England cheap-ass Yankee refusing to spend the extra 30 or 40 cents a gallon, which at most, would add up to a whopping $8.00. And you know I'd drop that on a British Vogue or a not-on-sale Revlon lipstick in a heartbeat. GAH.

  4. I do that all the time. Refuse to pay gas higher than what I know I can get elsewhere. But I never ran out of gas. Not yet anyway. And gas here is somewhat a bit more expensive than in the US. It's roughly $6,92 per gallon ...


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