Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Review: Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer, or, Oops, I did it again

I recently wrote a post about milia and how I was going to be super-vigilant about the ingredients in the products I was putting on my face. And then I wondered, "Hey! maybe my tinted moisturizer from Hourglass is also a culprit." Because why blame just my night creme or sunscreen when I could blast out blame like a fireman wielding a hose? Why not blame anything that has touched my face in the past six months? Pillowcases, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, I went to Sephora to find a list of ingredients. And once again, a fairly-recently-purchased product has disappeared from stores.

I finally dug up a picture of the product and an ingredient list from Makeup Alley.

I don't want to criticize the dead, but this stuff had more 'cones than Baskin Robbins.

Sheesh. A head's up would have been nice. OK, I don't expect Sephora to start plastering GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs all over their website. They don't want to look like a rug store. But either I'm getting older or stuff gets introduced, then pulled from the market incredibly quickly these days.

But hey, tough shit for Hourglass. I'm going to slam them even though the product in question has been discontinued, because I never really liked their stupid tinted moisturizer in the first place. It was a good color match for me, but it was was too thick for something called a tinted moisturizer. The consistency was more like spackle than anything else. Also, the pump broke almost immediately after I started using it, so to get the product out of the container, I had to unscrew the pump top and use the stem to pull product out of the bottle.

But--and this is where the uselessly specific becomes usefully general: check out that ingredient list--sure, it doesn't have any actual oil qua oil. But it has enough silicone to choke off your skin's air supply. And that means it could clog your pores.

The takeaway point from an otherwise useless review

Oil-free products can break you out.


Off with its head! It gave me milia! (Maybe.)


  1. Only the pump has disappeared from stores. The same product is now in a much better squeezy-tube. Just in case you wanted your milia back :)

    1. HAHAHA no thanks. But that's interesting that they got rid of the pump. So I was probably not the only person who couldn't get it to work? Because it was like impossible--like getting a Wendy's Frosty up through the straw.

  2. I got a sample 2 weeks ago from Sephora. I don't like it at all! Super thick and spackle-like for a tinted moisturizer.

    1. It sort of reminded me of the sense of bait-and-switch I get from a lot of BB creams. People tell me they're so light ... but no, not in my experience. If you like light coverage, the lightest I've ever tried is from cushion foundations. Whenever I use one, I get depressed.

  3. I bet that pump was expensive and they put it in a toothpaste tubey thing!
    Have you tried Nars Tinted Moisturizer? Its nice but the colours are a bit yellow for me.


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