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Review: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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For Easter brunch, I decided that it was asking a Bit Much of my public for me to flaunt bare legs, in March, in Chicago. After rifling though my sock drawer to discover no pantyhose at all, I pulled out my tube of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs.

I bought this in February when I went to Palm Beach. It was a replacement for Sally Hansen's original Airbrush Legs, which is an aerosol product.

The instructions on the aerosol can warn you to spray it into your hand and then spread it on your legs. Apparently first-generation users were spraying it directly onto their legs and making a hell of a mess.  Let's hope they were at least in their bathrooms.

At any rate, I liked the non-aerosol aspect of version 2.0, and I definitely prefer it for travel. I can't imagine what a nightmare it would be for an aerosol can of water-resistant leg makeup to decide to explode in my suitcase.

Truth in Advertising

When I'm buying face, and in this case, body makeup, I tend to look for shade names like Ivory, Porcelain, Vanilla, or Corpse. In the case of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs 2.0, I had to settle for Light.

It's not Light. It made my legs look like Malibu Barbie's.

Instead of calling it Light/Clair, Sally Hansen would have done better by a trusting public to have named it L'Eggs Suntan Pantyhose in a Tube.

The question on everyone's mind is: How does it work?

This product is not self-tanner, but some self-tanner application tips apply. A quarter-sized blob is plenty for each leg. Start applying it in the middle of your calf, then work your way up to the knee and above, then down to the ankle and foot, applying sparingly at the knees and ankles. Use two hands and really massage it in, so you don't leave any bare spots. Then, as with self-tanner, you have to let it dry.

A Cautionary Tale

I should warn you that if you go out for Easter brunch after a night of very little sleep and drink three glasses of champagne while eating oysters on the half shell, Eggs Benedict, ham, creamed spinach, croissants, berries with whipped cream, and carrot cake, you might end up a little sleepy. If that's the case, I suggest you don't come home, climb out of your outfit, and take a nap on top of your white colverlet. Try to remember to wash the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs off your legs first.


It's water-resistant and transfer-resistant, but I suggest you keep your Oompa-Loompa colored legs away from anything light colored.

Your friends with light-colored upholstery, towels, sheets, and bedspreads will thank you.


  1. You just made my day. This post is hilarious! Corpse! Hahaha, so with you on that color. I tried this Sally Hansen product a couple of years ago with the hopes of using it the day of a summer wedding but was worried it would get all over my dress (a dusty rose color) so it was a fun try-out but I just wore my pale legs to the wedding and reception. I don't think anyone noticed my legs anyway, they were too busy trying to get to the bar. Ha. BTW, thank you for telling me about that T&C feature with the VCA jewelry. Gorgeous shots! I didn't know about it at all so I am glad you told me! xx

  2. Do not even tell me you sat in our favorite chair.

  3. Oh I love oysters but I cannot be bothered to tan my legs anymore . I remember when a teen my sheets were orange from the 70's tanning lotions on the legs and body - boy my Mum must of hated it! LOL


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