Saturday, April 16, 2016

My mockery will save you money! A public service announcement.

Hey Internet--did you miss me? I missed you!

I'm back from a few days in Washington DC where I was attending some extremely sumptuous events at venues where, if they really knew what I was like, they'd never let me through the front door. Then I came back to Chicago, where I celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Joffrey Ballet.

My new grayish greenish Downton Abbey dress came into play twice ... once in DC and once in Chicago, and shhhh, let this be our secret, Internet, but I just hung it up and aired it between wearings. It's almost as if I lived during the Downton Abbey time period, where I'm pretty sure people smelled a lot worse then we do now.

Oh, and by the way--on my way to Dupont Circle, I noticed that my dress was the exact same shade as the upholstery in my Uber driver's Toyota. So if I ever want to describe the shade exactly, I can find out the name for the greeny-gray upholstery in a Toyota Camry, and Bob's your uncle.

Anyway. The public service I want to perform is this. Remember when I was mocking the Bobbi Brown lip color palette?

Well, it's currently on sale at Nordstrom. It's only marked down ten percent, from $220 to $198, but I like to take credit for it anyway.

Even if you're not interested in the Bobbi Brown lip palette, you might be tempted by the other stuff Nordstrom marked down. There are pages of beauty and fragrance products in their sale section, all a foolish attempt to disguise the fact that my blog has put the fear of God in them. I make fun of a product they're selling, and they put it on sale. Coincidence? I don't think so. Sure, they bulk up the proceedings with a boatload of products that I haven't mocked, but my point holds. I am the boss of Nordstrom, and they tremble in fear at my frown. I see through your bravado, Nordstrom, and you don't fool me.

Still, Internet, you might want to check out Nordstrom's 10 percent discount on lots of beauty loot

as well as their Estee Lauder GWP with the cute Harper's Bazaar makeup bag.

I mean, yes, here in Chicago, where the sales tax is 10 percent, this discount amounts to chump change. Still, in a Nordstrom-free zone, with no state and city sales taxes, and with eBates offering a bit more off, this could be worth a look.

After all, Mother's Day is coming!

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  1. I like your blog! Great post, I just recently tried a similar product that I received for free from Will buy this one next time!


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