Thursday, June 16, 2016

A massive clothing and accesory haul--with justifications galore

I know I'm supposed to be on a low-buy, but I have a theory.

You know how hoarders feel bereft when they are forced to part with their old newspapers, 30-year-old prom dresses, and collections of Big Gulp cups? Well, when The Girls were visiting last month, I brought masses of samples to the condo, and they went through them like a devouring flame. This is the before:

In case you can't tell, that's two drawers of a plastic rolling cabinet and a giant white tray filled with samples on the big hassock that serves as our coffee table.

I'd take a picture of the after, except you'd be underwhelmed because I still have lots. LOTS. But psychologically, I think, (at an unconscious level, at least) I felt divinely light and unburdened. That meant I felt free to acquire more stuff.

More justification: we are going to Prague and Vienna this summer and I felt that I needed to freshen up my summer wardrobe. Because crazy colored Lilly resort wear might make me look a touch conspicuous whilst in Europe, where grown-up ladies dress like grownups. Also, comfy shoes are a necessity. I've had blisters while walking my feet off all over England, and it is a miserable experience. I went over my summer shoes, and honestly, since I chucked out a much-loved but very shabby pair of J. Crew Kiki ballerina flats (beige with bronze toes) I have had nothing except flipflops for hot weather all-day wear. And I am NOT going to represent the United States of America in a pair of flipflops. We may have questionable taste in presidential candidates, but our footwear, at least, should be impeccable.

ANYWAY. I bought all this:

For Impressing Europeans With My Sophistication

Two pairs of Lafayette 148 New York pants, in khaki and white, which fit nicely and will pack well. I think.

A pair of Gucci (!) espadrilles, for jumping on board that whole espadrille craze without flashing a giant pair of interlocking Chanel CCs on my feet. Or spending $750 for a pair of rope-soled shoes that will be destroyed in the first rainstorm.

The print is pretty without being loud. You know, subtle. The way I'd like to be. At least, whilst amongst Europeans. (See what I did there?)

Because I Love Handbags More Than Life Itself

A Moschino wallet-on-a-chain

and a Jimmy Choo purple cross body bag

Sadly, they're both going back.

They're cute, but the purple one is a bit too bite-sized to be practical, and the Moschino makes more noise than a charm bracelet ... plus ... is it sophisticated enough for an (unofficial) American Ambassador to Prague and/or Vienna? I think not.

Because I am an Athlete

New running shoes. LOUD ONES.
Brooks Ghost 8 running shoe

New running tights--a bit more soft-spoken.

I look EXACTLY LIKE THIS in them, too.

Actual running shorts
Mine are, of course, not this color. Mine are more purple. Like pretty much everything I buy.

a new FitBit because my old one broke

See? Purple.

Because I am a Crazy Colorful Scarf Lady

From eBay ... two Hermes Fêtes Venetienne scarves in the most beautiful colorways .... an amazing violet with touches of green and orange

and purple

and a plummy mauve.

By which I mean ... PURPLE

These photographs don't do them justice. By the way, that's what you want, when you're a collector—there is nothing better than a fantastic item captured in bad light with a crappy cell phone. It keeps the prices down.

Because I Get Disgustingly Matchy Matchy at Times


A leather bracelet from a Japanese eBayer to go with my Speedy ... please note purple LV and nail polish.

Because No One Else Has Mentioned These Yet and I'm Curious

Three Urban Decay professional makeup brushes.

An eyebrow brush/eyelash comb/spoolie, a soft crease blender, and a stiff eye shadow applicator. I can't wait to play with them. Doesn't that eyebrow tool look as if it could beat my eyebrows into submission?

Whew! Are you exhausted? Because I need a drink.


  1. SCORE. What a happy shopping haul! I am envious of your upcoming trips! We're traveling frequently this year, too, but it all seems to be within the US. I'm torn between planning a new trip, and doing the responsible thing and saving money for adult things like houses or something. I don't know. Who needs a house, really.

  2. I AM exhausted, but I love all of it...almost as much as I love you.

  3. need to increase my makeup brush collection...are U Decay a fave and if so, why? Better than i.e. Bobbi Brown or NARS?

  4. Ooh I love your new clothes! Especially those pants...great style...and the espadrilles...just perfect!

  5. Not exhausted at all and I OMG I am in LOVE with those scarves!

  6. Love the scarves!
    And don,t worry about your outfits when your in Europe,you will look just fine there!


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