Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Welcome to Snarkyville

There has been a lot of flu in these parts, and my son is home sick from school, and maybe I'm catching something from him, I don't know.

But I've been reading other people's blogs, and I am now obsessed. I need to have this question answered, as quickly as possible:

Am I deluded, or are my children actually fairly attractive?

I'm asking because there is this very, very popular blogger, one of the supposedly self-absorbed blogging mommies recently profiled by the New York Times. And she posts a lot of pictures of her child. And her child is not particularly attractive.

Actually, her child is pretty close to butt ugly.

So now I'm wondering whether I'm fitting into the stereotype of the clueless-self-obsessed-Mommy-blogger. Because while I don't mind nattering away--apparently endlessly--about whatever trivia is currently occupying my meager supply of brain cells (and thereby boring people comatose) I do mind the idea that I'm lowering the property values on people's computer monitors by uploading fugly photographs of my offspring.

Mind you, I don't actually remember doing all that much in the way of offspring-photograph-uploading. Still, I worry.

I believe it's time to put a cool cloth across my forehead. Or something.


  1. Dude, relax. Your children are gorgeous. Or at least, they are incredibly photogenic (since I haven't met them in person and really can't judge).

  2. Thank you.

    See, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all, and I figured, hey, what if I think my children are attractive, but I'm actually wrong?Wouldn't that mean I could actually be wrong about other stuff, too???So then my mind got all boggly. But now I feel better.


  3. You may exhale relievedly, for you have, æsthetically speaking, offsprung well.



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