Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I should be packing

for my trip tomorrow. I'm heading to Massachusetts for a college reunion. And it's imperative that I find out whether the weather (hee!) will be better than it is in Chicago, or whether it will suck as badly as it does here right now.

But of course, I'm blogging, instead.

So I checked out Blackbird's blog, and she turned me on to this.

So now I'm watching an red-headed animated cartoon guy tell me about the weather in Boston and vicinity. Which by the way will suck, but I don't care, because I'm in love with the cute little talking redheaded drawing on my computer monitor. He's kind of like what you'd get if you crossed Max Headroom with the talking Crush the turtle from the Living Seas exhibit at Epcot. Except cuter and littler. Plus when you move your cursor, his eyes follow it. It's so cute!

Obviously I need to go to bed.


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  1. no comment on David Lynch?
    cause I heard he likes you.


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