Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It all began when she chose to wear the black panties

Today I called in overwhelmed. Not sick, because no matter how many germs are circulating around in the blogosphere, I feel pretty well. I'm also pleased to report that the bad weather Badger sent up here from Texas is pretty much over. So that storm appears to have passed.

And speaking of passing, I'm thrilled to be able to report that I'm not constipated. Not that I ever am, but this being a blog, where it is apparently de rigueur to report on the state of one's bowels, I felt that I should let you know that all systems are go.

But this was going to be the shape of my day:

10:00 - 11:00 appointment in 'burbs
11:15 drive to city for 12:00 rehearsal, lasting until 1:30
1:30 drive home to suburbs,
Take hour off, pick up kids
Leave detailed notes and dinner preparation for babysitter; start overseeing homework
4:30 depart for 5:30 meeting downtown
7:30 opera with huzbin

Now those of you who work will be thinking, "What's the big deal? Sounds like a normal day to me." The thing is, I'm a housewife, and nobody is paying me jack$#|+ to charge around like this. This is all volunteer stuff. And I suspect that I'm taking on too much.

It could be that I'm lazy. Or feckless. Or maybe I have ADD (hmm, I wonder if I got any good mail today? Is it time for another mug of tea? What's for dinner?) But at any rate, I have more than enough to do, so I decided just for once to say "fuck it."

So I called in Overwhelmed. Or maybe Exhausted. Or Bratty. I'm not sure which. In fact, come to think of it, I didn't even call in. I'm basically playing hooky. Heh heh heh.

Wow, I'm really the girl gone bad. Can tight sweaters be far behind? And maybe I should start smoking and wearing too much eye makeup.



  1. I had a snappy comment, but Blogspot ate it and, I fear, it may have the digestive difficulties which seem to afflict the current generation of bloggers.

  2. See. I told Joke you were nothing but trouble.

  3. BB: Ignore him. He's just PMS'ing.


  4. This is as much of the snappy comment as I have been able to resurrect. It ran something like this:

    Poppy, I am pleased and thrilled and honored to call you my pal. Other people--whom I shall not mention--who take on too much, especially when up to the eyeballs with tax season, don't have the courage to say "Oh, $%@& it. I'm ditching." Instead, they prefer to rail against their loved ones for not doing their helpmeet thing or being supportive. This is akin to an asthmatic complaining you are not exhaling quickly enough in his direction.

    And it won't do you any good to wear tight sweaters as your physical attributes don't fall under the category of "physical deformity."

  5. Oh no!

    Now I'm constipated!

    Thanks a lot, Joke.


    p.s. Am too deformed.


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