Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thank you, but I prefer sheets of cotton

Since my star ship crashed on Planet Blog, I've noticed that things spread from blog to blog with astonishing rapidity.

First there was the whole meme phenomenon. This actually has its uses because there are times when a person gets the urge to blog up a storm, but doesn't feel sufficiently creative to come up with anything interesting to say.

Not that that stops me, but anyway.

Then a couple of weeks ago I noticed that everyone was reporting having some kind of flu/grunge/sinus thing.

More recently I've noticed that many peoples' bowels appear to be becoming obstructed. Can constipation possibly be contagious? Apparently, it can.

And now, I give you the weather. Which ordinarily I consider to belong in the "Act of God" category. But now I'm thinking even the weather might belong in the "Act of Blog" category, instead. Because within hours of my reading Badger's description of being shot off the toilet seat by a lightning bolt, I awoke this morning to stygian darkness illuminated irregularly by nerve-shattering flashes of lightening, loud crashes of thunder, and sheets of rain (see title above.)

Coincidence? I think not.

So could everyone could please cut it out? Because if this keeps up, I expect to find myself lying in a soaking wet bed swigging NyQuil and wishing that it didn't seem so impossible to add to the world's supply of fresh manure.



  1. If I develop a menstrual cycle, so help me...

  2. So, what you're saying is that I shouldn't post about how I had to fire my cleaning lady today?

  3. Joke: Just be glad you aren't menopausal. Yet.

    Badj: Please. Spare me. The absolute last thing I need at this point is to have to start mopping floors.



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