Monday, May 09, 2005

It's "Coffee Talk," folks

I have decided to piggy-back on the Seinfeld (a program I never watched, but hey, I'm hep to the zeitgeist, man) concept of what I will call "bloggable" and "non-bloggable" subjects.

I've already had my rant about ugly baby pictures, so I'll spare you my thoughts on what I, taste arbiter extraordinaire, consider to be unbloggable visuals. (And anyway, I'm a prime offender myself, having just uploaded a jpeg of what looks like dog vomit to my other blog.)

But honestly. Enough with the constipation talk!

One of my favorite bloggers was recently going on and on and ON about digging hardened baby poop out of her toddler's butt. Practically the next entry she's going on about her aunt's impending bowel movement. Recently she went on about her bouts with constipation. ENOUGH ALREADY. Yeah, yeah, I know ... etiquette rules don't apply in the blogosphere ... but still.

Blogs == the shiz-nit
Blogging about the shiz-nit != fascinating reading.



  1. It seems an impregnable mystery to me that, an ostensibly well-bred sort like you, is either incapable or unwilling to exercise greater discernment in the blogs to be read.

    It seems amply clear to me that anyone who posts pictures of her offspring (who, as the poet Wodehouse would have noted, looks like a homicidal fried egg) is only a very short skip away from detailed and graphic discussions of the cement-like nature of the contents of Baby's lower digestive tract.

    Bear this in the future.

  2. Amen, sister.

    (And if I have a baby picture on my blog, it's only one or two and they do not have food smeared all over their faces. LORDY, HOW I HATE THE DIRTY FACED OR SNOTTY NOSED KID PICTURES!!)


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