Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Hate List

Instant coffee
Chick Lit
Spongey white supermarket bread
Sweet 'n' Lo
Going to the dentist
Having to make small talk with the people who cut and color my hair
The ground meat at regular supermarkets
Heavy metal music
Stupid over-produced R&B
Country music
Gangsta Rap
Easy Listening Classical music, like Charlotte Church singing arias from Carmen. Just shut UP.
Celebrities. Especially Tom Cruise.
Idiotic variations on straight up cocktails erroneously called "martinis." Stop it.
90 percent of the new fashions unleashed on women
So-called "French" manicures and (ew!) pedicures
Faux Tuscan houses
Faux Tuscan furniture
Americans who buy tapestries to hang in their faux chateaux. (I actually haven't seen this, but I get the catalogs.)
Junk mail


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