Saturday, October 15, 2005

Photoblog--an Indian Summer Saturday

Today we took a trip to the Lincoln Park neighborhood. First, lunch at R. J. Grunt's, the first restaurant in the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant chain. Grunt's was where the salad bar was invented, or at least, that's the claim.

What we really liked, though, was the children's menus and the crayons:

Then we played in the park for a while. My son took this picture of the statue of the turtle.

And yo! all you people who think we're heathens: we have all kinds of appreciation for the arts:

Then on to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which is Victorian horticulture at its best. The main room, with its aquatic plants, goldfish, and statuary, the koi pond in the Fern room, and an orange tree:

The Fern Room:

The Orchid Room:

Naturally, after all this fresh air, nature, Victorian didacticism, and beer at lunch, the kids are just as fresh and frisky as a pair of chipmunks.

The adults, however, are a couple of zombies. One of us is asleep. Can you guess which one?


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