Saturday, October 15, 2005

Today is Sweetest Day.

Would somebody be kind enough to tell me--WHAT THE HELL IS SWEETEST DAY?

I've always figured it was Valentine's Day's half birthday. Although I just counted on my fingers and the math doesn't work out.

But why the hell am I being guilt-tripped into buying somebody something?

Actually, I just did a search on it and found the answer. Which I won't bother to discuss. It's actually pretty uninteresting, and anyway, you can always find it yourself. God bless Internet search engines, right? It's great--you don't have to know anything anymore--as long as you have internet access, you can find out your answer and then forget it. Which is exactly what I just did.



  1. I always thought it was a day for eating lots and lots of candy. You mean that's not it? Damn.

  2. I never knew such a day existed. Now that I know, I couldn't possibly care less.

    I'mnot even gonna look it up, that's how little I care.



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