Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shown and told

I'm two days late for Blackbird's Show and Tell Friday because I went away for the weekend without my laptop (!!!!!) and anyway, I can't find my camera. Typical.

So anyway, here are my cars: a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD, very gorgeous if elephantine, replete with the leather upholstery, cup holders, power sliding doors, awesome sound systerm, and a surprisingly small turning radius--I mean, this thing is as nimble as one of the hippopotamus ballerinas in Disney's Fantasia;

and my true love, a 2003 VW Passat wagon, again with the AWD, heated leather seats, cupholders a go go--but also a moon roof, Monsoon sound system, wood trimmed interior, la-dee-dah.

I love them both, but I give the edge to the VW because even though vans and wagons are both (let's face it) mom-mobiles, wagons are much more retro, and I'm all about retro.

In fact, I consider myself a card-carrying retrosexual.

I just thought that up! Can you believe how spontaneously witty and clever and shit I can be? Neither can I.

Tomorrow I'll try to find the time to post about how Joke assisted in the purchase of my pretty green wagon, allowing me to totally f*** with the heads of the salesman and his manager ... to the point where I'm afraid to take the car back to the dealership for servicing, because I figure they'll take the opportunity to revenge themselves on us. Well, really me.



  1. I love both of them...but have a real weakness for the VW.

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  3. (OK, this time, sans typos)

    Hard to believe that only a short ~7 years ago you sneered--quite openly--at AWD, had no surround sound, wouldn't dream of traveling to a Disney theme park, and had your inner Goldwaterite bound and gagged like something out of a lurid underground Manga cartoon.

    And look at you now.

    -Joke, terrible influence


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