Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Greetings, Citizens of Jennsylvania

Holy shit!

I was just checking my blog stats and noticed that this morning, as of 8:20 a.m., I've gotten more hits than I get on the average day. So I checked, and all of you have headed over here from Jennsylvania--a hilarious blog by an amazing Chickago blogger.

Well. Envy me, citizens of Jennsylvania, for I have partied with her.1 Yep, I'm keeping some pretty exalted company these days.

But now I'm cudgeling my brains trying to come up with something interesting to say. Somehow I suspect "How 'bout those White Sox?" won't do it.

This is like having the neighbors drop by when you're still moving into your new house and you're up to your ass in crumpled up newspaper from the unpacking and putting away and you can't even find the coffee pot, let alone do the hospitable thing and offer them a cup of coffee.

Ack! I'm freaking out, and I can't hear myself think! ["I need caffeine."] There, that's better.2

Anyway, welcome. And since I can't think of anything intelligent to say, I'll just offer you the keys to Poppyton:


1But not, apparently, as hard as Susie Sunshine.
2 OK, I totally stole that from Homer Simpson. But so what? I stole the keys, too.


  1. Oh sure. First the Michele people, then the Jennsylvania people, and pretty soon you'll forget about all us little people who knew you when you only had a handful of Hermes scarves, a closet full of resort wear, and a silly, foolish dream.

  2. I'm one of the gals who found your blog through Jennsylvania. It's adorable! I'll be sure to stop by often.

  3. Ihavenoideawhateveryoucouldbetalkingabout

  4. HA! I'm heading over to your blog RIGHT NOW, missy, to see whether you've fessed up!


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