Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My First Four-way

Woo hoo! And people think perimenopause means a girl's sex drive diminishes.

OK, OK. I got tagged by Jasmine:

1. Four jobs I've had

Oh, great. Right away I have to exhibit my loserishness to the entire internet. Couldn't we have eased into this?

a. Waitress ... and in several restaurants ... and over a period of several years. OK, mostly in high school and college, but this could have been a career, man. I was really pretty good at it. To misappropriate Marlon Brando: "I could have been a contender. Instead of a housewife. Which is what I am."

b. Bartender

c. During graduate school I did various unappealing things, reaching a nadir with being an English instructor at The American School. This is a place so richly and thoroughly weird, it deserves a post all its own.

and of course ... the slacker's favorite career

d. Temp.

2. Four movies I could watch over and over

Not could. I have watched these movies over and over.

a. The Thin Man (I worship Myrna Loy and want to have William Powell's love child.)
b. Footlight Parade (Actually any pre-code Busby Berkeley will do it for me, but this has James Cagney. Be still my heart.)
c. Wayne's World (I used to be able to recite Wayne's opening monologue)
d. L. A. Story (Funny ... smart ... whimsical ... makes fun of L.A. ... what's not to like?)

3. Four places I've lived

Oh, this is just sad. Only two states.

a. Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
b. Northampton, Massachusetts
c. Chicago, Illinois
d. Newtopia, Illinois

4. Four television shows I love to watch.

No, wait a minute. I changed my mind. This is just sad. Living in two states shows a lack of enterprise or wanderlust or something, but my relationship with television is seriously flawed. I don't watch television. The only show I used to watch has been switched from Monday to Friday nights, which is almost the same thing as canceling it outright.

And anyway, who has time to watch television? I have an entire internet to surf, people. As Nick said in Metropolitan, "There are eight million stories out there."

So I'll fill out the list by adding shows I watch on DVD.

a. How Clean is Your House?
b. Jeeves and Wooster
c. Absolutely Fabulous
d. The Simpsons

5. Four places you've been on vacation

a. Rehobeth Beach, Delaware
b. Ibiza
c. Paris
d. Venice

6. Four blogs you read daily

b. Badger Meets World
d. I talk 2 much
a. Same Thing But Different
c. Say La Vee

7. Four of your favorite foods

a. Oranges
b. Tomatoes
c. Cocoa Krispies
d. Tuna fish salad (I think I'm addicted to mercury)

8. Four Albums You Can't Live Without Lately

Uh oh. Yet another instance of me swimming against the tide. There is no album I can't live without lately. And while I realize I'm elderly and cranky now, I don't think there ever was. Even when I was younger and groovier.

I love music, but I don't listen to CDs all day long. I can't think straight with music on. I only listen to music when I'm doing something inherently boring that needs a shot of something to liven it up, like working out, driving, or cleaning up the kitchen. And the stuff I listen to then is designed to keep me moving. So my CD choices don't reveal anything about me except that I have eclectic taste in music and am almost completely out of it.

And I don't give a shit how un-cool this will make me sound. I hate it when bloggers go on and on about what they're listening to. Most of them don't know anything about music--at least, according to my notions of what makes a person knowledgable. Basically, if you aren't a musician, I don't care what music you like. And most bloggers wouldn't know a subdominant chord if it came up and bit them on the ass.

Anyway, when I workout, I tend to use my iPod. I listen to CDs when I'm driving. Here's what's in my car:

a. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on CD
b. Introducing the Hard Line According to Terence Trent D'Arby

9. Four vehicles you've owned

a. 1993 Saturn SL2
b. 1994 Volvo 940 Turbo wagon
c. 2003 Volkswagen Passat wagon AWD
d. 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD

10. Four people you want to victimize by tagging:

a. Septuagent
b. Tequila Red
c. Fiddledeedee
d. Jujube


  1. Oh, please please write about The American School. I love reading stories about weirdness.

    I LOVED The Thin Man. One of my favorites.

    I LOVE How Clean is Your House. Do you know that when I'm cleaning my house I have this fantasy that they show up and are really impressed by how clean my stove is underneath the burners?

    "You can tell someone has really been taking care of this stove," they say, while I smirk in the corner...

  2. Good luck with Kiki. Unless this is some sorta Blogspot weirdness, it done seems as if her blog's nonexistent.


  3. Just for that, I am so totally going to post my MP3 playlist IN ITS ENTIRETY.


    But not today.

  4. Lucinda: I will definitely write something about The American School, the alma mater of Donny and Marie Osmond, among other lesser-known low-lifes.

    Joke: Thanks and a tip of the hat for the news that Kiki has abandoned her blog, or the other way around. I switched from Kiki to Tequila Red, who, like Badger, will also take umbrage with my diatribe about bloggers who won't shut up about their favorite music.

    Badger: I just thought it was time for an intervention. As a caring person, I didn't want to see you spend half a lifetime downloading all that shitty music, and the rest of your life going on and on about it on your blog. And this goes double for Joke. But that goes without saying. He knows his taste in music makes my gorge rise. I mean, The Eagles, for lord's sake.


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