Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Things

OK, you Blog Explosion types, listen up. This blog is not that lame, so for Pete's sake, will you give me a break on the Battle of the Blogs? I have this cute Felix the Cat design and I use my spellcheck, so once in a while, could you please vote for me? Because my self-esteem is going down the toilet.

Also--everybody should check out this week's tenant, Reluctant Housewife. This time I waited until I had 20 bids before selecting her blog. Think of me as your blogging personal shopper and go slip it on. It's quality reading. Reluctant Housewife is funny and thought-provoking and her blog has a great, clean, stylish look. And she's from Boston, so I get to call her blog wicked pissah. So click on it, OK?

It's ovah theah! <--------- C'mon, click on it, for frig's sake!

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