Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nothing to see here, folks. (UPDATED)

After last week's four musical performances, three ladies' lunches, two annual meetings and an audition, today is blessedly ordinary. Peaceful, even. In fact, it's positively slug-like. I'm sitting around in jeans (no heels, no hose) and I've been doing laundry, making beds, cleaning the kitchen--normal stuff. The phone hasn't rung once, and I haven't had to drive anywhere. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And guess what? I found a steak in the refrigerator, so I don't need to go to the grocery store today! Woot! No, I don't know how old the steak is. It looks sort of brown, but it smells OK. Shut up. We're eating it. (But if you don't hear from me within the next 24 hours, call the paramedics.)

Things will heat up soon. I promise. Look for an exciting announcement on Sunday (which, not coincidentally, is Mother's Day--did you send your mother a card? Flowers? A gift? There's still time to look thoughtful, you know.)

On Monday, I'll be meeting Blackbird for coffee. That should yield some really compelling reading. (Even if I am the one writing it.)

But for now ... ZZZZZzzzzzzzz ...

p.s. We all ate the steak. It's been five hours and we're not dead yet.


  1. You do know that you will be signing a non-disclosure statement, right?

  2. Who knew you liked aged beef?


  3. BB: No problem. But I reserve the right to post pictures of your shoes.

    Joke: I know! Aged beef--and here I'm famous for being fond of spring chicken.

  4. Wildly jealous - and now I want steak, too!

  5. Dammit, I have Monty Python stuck in my head now. "Brign out your dead!" "I'm not dead yet!"

  6. Enjoy the steak and the free time!

  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Glad to hear of your non-demise from the steak.


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