Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blackbird's 5 Things Meme

Stolen from blackbird, who stole it from Sassy Lime...

5 things in my closet

a shoe box of sewing supplies
a hanging shelf people use for sweaters, except mine is full of scarf boxes
two hat boxes containing two kick-ass hats
Tom Cruise
lots of shoes, stored, whenever possible, in their original boxes

5 things in my fridge -

organic 2 percent milk
left-over Thai food
Smucker's natural peanut butter, creamy not chunky
white wine
12 oz. cans of Diet Coke because I hate the way it goes flat when you buy bottles

5 things in my car

CDs for the children
two broken Hunter Douglas blinds to return to the store to return to the factory to repair and then rehang ourselves, God damn it.
Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP recharger
my cell phone recharger
A StarTours badge hanging from the rear-view mirrir identifying the driver as a Pod Racer

5 things in my purse

a red leather lipstick case with a mirror and a good, all-purpose shade of lipstick (currently Maybelline Wet Shines Diamond in Mauvey Rocks)
black leather Versace wallet/checkbook combo that my husband, who thinks I have elegant taste, brought me from Rome. Filled, needless to say, with Felix the Cat checks.
small red filofax
prescription sunglasses
pink Razr cell phone


  1. Dude, we totally have the same phone. Okay, I'm gonna go eat another popsicle.

  2. I have the shoe boxes, too. Do you write what's in 'em on the ends? I do if there isn't already a description or a picture.

    I may have to steal this.


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