Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tugboat Poppy

There are no words

Picture 026

just pictures.

Picture 027

Because tugboat rides

Picture 030

leave me speechless.

Kittery, ME from the tugboat

(Thanks and a tip of the hat to all my pals who suggested I use Flickr.)


  1. How'd you get it to post more than one picture?

    -Stymied in Steamy SoFla

  2. I did what Badger suggested in a comment in a previous entry.

  3. See, POPPY actually listens to me. Occasionally.

    And to think I only popped down here to the comment section to make a crack about how you brought your own flotation device(s) to the tugboat ride. But I'm feeling all charitable now, so nevermind.


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