Monday, August 14, 2006

Little Miss Buxom and Young Master Buxom

OK, Flickr is working, even if Blogger still refuses to upload my pictures. So here's a picture. But almost no words. Because I don't know what to say about a perfect day with my kids, a dear friend and her kids, taking a tugboat ride up and down the Piscataqua River past lighthouses, old forts, an old white hotel, marinas full of boats, lobster traps, and the Portsmouth Naval shipyard.

Except that it was amazing.


  1. Good Lawd, Miss Poppette is certainly favoring her mother these days.


  2. Awww, hi cute kidlets!

    Are they now updated on sailor curses?

  3. They are beautiful! You're a lucky woman, Poppy.

  4. Poppy, you don't need to write much when you post pictures of beautiful, peaceful kids AND get to use funny words like Piscataqua.

  5. They are so good looking. I would not have expected less.


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