Monday, August 14, 2006

OK, my patience has. finally. snapped.

What the FUCK is wrong with Blogger? I've been trying to upload the same God-damned photographs of my adorable children on a picturesque tugboat cruise in Portsmouth Harbor for five. fucking. days. And I have HAD it.

I have wasted billions and billions of nanoseconds trying to accomplish this simple, simple task.

Well, guess what? I realize that you, internet, do NOT come here to listen to me swear. No, you are not all about my pissed off pottymouth rantings and ravings. So usually I keep it somewhat under control. I have, after all, a sense of ... well, for lack of a better word, I'll call it decorum, even though that sounds too prim. But decorum is what causes the shittyfucks to dry up in my mouth like a zit under an assload of Clearisil when there are blue-haired old ladies present.

And there are ladies present--if not here, somewhere out there on the internet. Right? Some of you are ladies, right? Or maybe some of you are those appalling hypocritical sexist tea-bagging asswipes who think they can swear as much as they motherfucking want, but I can't fucking swear at all, because I'm a girl, gonad it, and do I kiss my mother with that mouth, yadda yadda douchebaggery-unto-infinity? And usually, I clean up my mouth around dingleberries of that stamp, too, even though I think they're idiots.

But Blogger is totally pissing me off. Blogger deserves to be used as a blue whale's barrier contraceptive. Or worse.


  1. Um. Well. I DO come here to listen to you swear, as a matter of fact.

    And also, I can't for the life of me figure out why those of you who can't upload pics because of Blogger suckage don't just go the Flickr route. It's FREE. It's HTML. So Blogger can go bite itself while you upload all the damn pictures you want, yo!

  2. Blogger bites. I would use Flickr or PhotoBucket.

  3. can I just, quietly, suggest flickr.
    It's a great service, easy to use and you will never be at bloggers mercy again.

  4. Swear at will.
    Or Harry or Tom
    (I HAD to do it, sorry)

    Switch to PhotoBucket. I'm totally computer inept and there are occasionally photos up on my site. Not in the proper order, but HEY - Photos!

    Is the chakra jumper gone?

  5. Two suggestions for your woes:

    1. Photobucket

    2. Eat more lobster.

  6. I already have a flickr account, helpful friends, but how do I post more than the "Blog This" single picture?

    And yes, Chakra Con is gone. Thank Vishnu.

  7. Having fun, Vishnu were here.


  8. Dude. In Flickr, click on the picture you want to post, then click "all sizes" at the top and you can choose the size you want. Then scroll down and you'll see html code. You want the CODE, not the URL. Go to back to your Blogger "compose" window, hit the "HTML" tab, and drop it where you want it.

    I'd like to go on record as a Photobucket hater, because I can't see photos hosted there for some reason. Which is why I'm only getting half the snark out of Mamarazzi that I COULD be getting.


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