Saturday, August 26, 2006

You know the jokes where the guy always has good news and bad news?

This morning I did my last volunteer shift at the Moffatt-Ladd house.

Then I went on a last shopping trip down Bow Street, ostensibly to look for a gift for my friend Vodka, who has spent the month turtle-sitting my son's turtle. I bought her an olive green t-shirt and one of Sweet Grass Farms Fragrance Sticks sets. I picked the New England Woods scent. It's a heavenly blend of evergreen/balsam/pine smells.

I also bought a big navy-blue hoodie that says Portsmouth. For me.

Then I went home to pack. It's 67 degrees. We're leaving tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. to do the 17-hour drive back to Newtopia. School starts on Tuesday.

What's the good news?


  1. The good news? How about "School starts on Tuesday"?

    Unless you'd rather it be on Monday.

    My Word Verification is Speedwriting for "Achey-Breaky Heart". I swear.

  2. Hey! I thought I was your friend Vodka!

  3. My finger has been twitching to order a set of fragrance sticks. I am going to have to find some around here, and actually smell them at work. ALL the scents they have listed sound devine.

    You are a good present-buyer. I am thinking this would be a good Christmas Gift for the therapists, teachers, etc. But how does one pick a 'flavor' for somebody else? Maybe the one you picked is a good one for holiday season - hmmmmmm.

  4. So, Badger, you DON'T have the turtle?

  5. Do I strike you as the sort of person who would HAVE THE TURTLE?

  6. I'll have the steak, myself.



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