Friday, September 01, 2006

OK, this is embarrassing.

My tenant, Jennifer, of In Place of Incandesence, (which I still can't spell) linked to me in today's entry. Now this is just wrong. I'm supposed to be linking to her. I'm supposed to be sending masses of readers her way. So would you please help me out here by giving Jennifer big smoochy clicks? Otherwise I'll just feel terrible.

Oh, and if you're one of Jennifer's readers--Hi! I'm usually much funnier. No, really, I am!

Oh dear. This is awkward.

Look, I won't have anything more to say until you click on that thumbnail. So please do it. She has a review of Little Miss Sunshine. Go read it. Right now, please.


  1. I have both visited her site AND started a rumour that you're a ruthless thug. So my work here is pretty much done and whatnot.


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