Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stealth Poppy

Shhhh ... I'm all about the sneaky.

1. Notice anything different? I changed something. In a sort of subtle, sort of sneaky way. The first one to name that change wins! (Prize to be determined at some undetermined future date.)

2. Links, shminks. Look, I try to add everyone to my links who has me in his or hers, but I don't always have the time, Blogger doesn't always load as quickly as I'd like, and hey! I'm old! All this HTML twiddling and fine-tuning is for you young whippersnappers who don't need reading glasses.

Instead, I have updated my Bloglines feeds. And now--well, you know how they say that the mosquitoes you can hear buzzing aren't the ones that are going to bite you, and that it's the silent, stealthy, female-is-more-deadly-than-the-male mosquitoes that are going to nail you, so when you hear that tell-tale whining sound, fear not, but when you hear nothing at all? BE VERY AFRAID. You've heard that, right? Well, now, when you check your stats, and nobody is clicking to you from here, but you see some sneaky Bloglines visitor--that's me.

3. I just saw a really, really chubby woman out walking with her not-so-chubby friend. She was smiling, talking, and laughing, pumping her arms, moving at a good clip, and her midriff bulge was going wubba-wubba-wubba with every step she took.

So you'll have to excuse me. I need to run out the door, sneak up on her, tackle her and then? Force her to be my best friend. Because I swear she's the first woman I've seen in this neighborhood with a weight problem.


  1. Your picture! I noticed it before I started reading. It looks just like you!

    Now I'm going back to read past your entry's first sentence.

  2. Oh, and you also have three copies of today's blog. Interesting.

  3. Dangit, Sarah beat me to it! It looks like a Mucha -- does that count for anything toward the grand prize?

    -- Madolyn (chowdah)

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, we have winners! And prizes!

    Sarah and Chowdah, the next time I eat lunch with you, it's on me.

    Yes, it is a Mucha. Painted in 1896. (I'll bet you didn't realize I was that old.)

    And Sarah, I have deleted the extra posts. (Damn that pesky Blogger!)

  5. Hmmm, fat AND happy? In Newtopia? She is obviously a visiter in from out of town. Guess you're stuck with me.


  6. Damn. Too, too, too slow.

    But I do love the picture.

  7. Remind me what your street is...so I don't walk by to get tackled lol

    Btw I'm with u about the blogroll complications lol...so I just didn't put one on my page...I have a whole list of blogs including yours in my favorites..under blog file..thatway, I hurt no ones feelings or run out of room with the every lengthening list of blogs I enjoy reading...


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