Friday, November 17, 2006

And then I woke up--and thanked God it was Friday.

I just checked the date of my last entry, and it took me by surprise. Has it really been five days since I've posted? Wow.

Of course, this has been a week replete with meetings, some of which I led, all of which involved my having to talk. All the talking might have led me to believe that I've shot my wad and am conversationally bankrupt, when as far as the internet is concerned, I'm being unusually taciturn.

And yet, I'm exhausted and have nothing to say.

This might be because once in a while, at these meetings I just mentioned, I feel that it's appropriate to let someone else talk. And then I have to listen to that person. And if there's anything that tires me out more than talking, it's listening. Because, you know, people don't always talk about things that interest me. I mean, there they go, blathering away, expressing their own thoughts, when honestly, mine are so much better.

Which you will discover if you check my latest Mamarazzi entry. It represents the last thought I completed before my brain flat-lined, so grab it while it's hot.

Meanwhile I'll try to dredge up some fresh new memes, internet quizzes, knock-knock jokes, trivia, false memories, recipes, and rude cracks about celebrities for tomorrow. Or maybe the next day, if I have a hangover.

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  1. May I suggest song lyrics? Because that's working out GREAT for me. As evidenced by the whopping 1-2 comments I get with every entry now.


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