Friday, November 10, 2006

Because I really am that funny.

I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I'm one of the women who writes a weekly post in Mamarazzi: Because Celebrity Parenting Is So Easy to Snark!

Let me tell you, coming up with a snarky take on today's celebrity parenting practices isn't as easy as you'd think. Sure, there are the days when Britney Spears almost drops her baby, or Angelina adopts Yet Another Third World Baby, but let's face it; great moments for full-on celebrity snarkage don't come nearly as regularly as I'd like.

No, writing about celebrity parenting is a lot like actual, real-life non-celebrity parenting; lots of slogging and not much glamour. Basically, it's a frantic, fast-paced whirl of sound, fury, and guilt--but the good news is that in both cases, you can do it in your pajamas.

On a day like today, when the hour or so I spent finding pictures and writing what I hoped was witty prose falls on deaf ears, because you, Internet, are feeling picky, and if you were a baby in a high chair, would not laugh; on the contrary, you would throw your bowl of oatmeal on the floor and cry ...

... I can play this:


  1. Baby on a laughing jag! Too funny.

  2. It's nice when the subject material and target audience of America's Funniest Videos converge like this.

    I have to admit it's infectious.


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